Friday, April 10, 2009

New parody site?

We are always on the lookout for new satirical blogs and websites. As such a hat-tip to the Adam Smith blog for finding this gem. When not calling for state censorship of ideas they disagree with, this new blog offers up wonders such as this:

You can't be punished for a mental state, but you can be punished for actions taken as a result of it. It is a crime to strike (or kill) someone in anger. The anger itself confers no immunity, even if it was decisive in committing the act. So it is perfectly rational to criminalise acts committed out of greed, such as investing in a hedge fund, or buying a luxury yacht.
The delicious fun continues:

The main problem is a good legal definition. This is an initial list of criteria - acts which could be punished as "greed" within the European Union ...

entering into a contract of employment, for an annual salary of more then € 300,000

accepting a payment from an employer above basic salary (bonus), of more than € 10,000

purchase of a private residence. for more than three times the regional average price

purchase of a private residence, of over 1000 m2, for personal use,

purchase of a vehicle or vessel for personal use, for more than € 50,000

purchase of an item of clothing for personal use, for more than € 2000

investment of more than € 10,000 in any fund or scheme, promising a rate of return of more than 3% above the European Central Bank borrowing rate
We do enjoy the old tongue in cheek. However, if the new blog is serious it appears to be yet another in the puzzling new wave of "government is oppressing us so let's give government more power to stop oppressing us" genre.

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