Monday, April 06, 2009

Pronunciation lesson

Given the silence from the Tax Justice Network regarding this topic:

Whistleblowing MPs lifted the lid last night on how Commons expenses have been fiddled, allowing them to obtain thousands of pounds without submitting a single receipt.

They revealed how MPs could claim up to £250 a month for cleaning and repairs to second homes, up to £400 a month for food and up to 350 miles a month in "constituency mileage" – regardless of the size of the constituency.

One MP told The Mail on Sunday: "Everyone knows that people have been making money simply by making up claims on a 'no questions asked' basis. You can put the money straight in your pocket."
It is rather obvious that when pronouncing the Tax Justice Network acronym ("T-J-N") the "J" is silent. Surely the poor dears have someone in the network who can perform research regarding the abuse of real tax monies by government officials.

Silence is thy name.

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