Thursday, May 10, 2007

A swanky but tattered sofa

Greg Palkot describes the state of France, election night, Ségolène Royal's "infinite wisdom", French “street democracy” on glorious display, and how Socialist Party members reacted when they learned that he and his cameraman worked for Fox News…
I think the Royal folks hit the bottle first. When I came out for one of my live shots, cameraman Barnaby was in shock.

“These guys are tough, Greg,” he complained. Apparently, some of the downtrodden Socialists had spotted us, and our FOX News affiliation, and decided that we were the foreign media sponsor for the winning pro-American conservative.

A fellow in Benjamin Franklin-style designer specs got in my face and began telling me in a high-pitched French rant a thing or two about how terrible Sarkozy was, how bad America was, and how he didn't care too much for me either. As I was about to go on the air for Jamie Colby's show, I was feeling very, shall we say, protective about my space.

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