Monday, May 07, 2007

Anarchic Outbursts Follow Election

Correction: it seems that things didn't quite settle down by 1:30 a.m.

Photo: AFP

DSK: “This was lost in the first round. We have never been so feeble.” He goes on to say that the Socialists didn’t make the effort to adapt to Social-Democratic outlook as he urged.

What’s driven so much of the social thought which handed Sarkozy the presidency is a public frustration with just how little risk of change it takes to bring angry crowds onto the streets.

Think 70’s America and Britain, and think of those out in the streets tonight trashing property to salve thier feelings of loss. Meet the “dead-enders” of the civilized west.

The sign that the times are changing? The new President called for unity at his party's victory rally. “Je demande que vous tendez la main” in an effort to diffuse rancor and reach out to the Socialist, saying that to respect Royal is to respect the millions who voted for her. In reality there’s not much of a stomach left right now for scorched-earth politics.

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