Friday, May 11, 2007

Entertaining, But in That “Abu Ghreiby” Kind of Way

Much of the time, the unstable family unit at the center of "28 Weeks Later" is under attack from the U.S. armed forces as well as the zombies, and Fresnadillo's images of death and destruction are truly upsetting. But they're upsetting in a way that means something.
Hm. Yes. Of course. Aren’t we smart.

Britons in need of more paranoia in their horror entertainment will find a certain pleasure in having as many buttons pushed as possible. The funny thing is just how telling those buttons are, and how tightly interconnected they are with bad reporting gone too far.

Take three years of bird-flu scares that never materialized, a fear of Americans in uniform, good-old fashioned learned hatred of husbands abusing through abandonment, and an unhealthy fear of non-holistic science-based medicine, and you’ll probably have yourself a barn-burning hit for well educated idiots.

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