Sunday, May 06, 2007

Election Watch

Very early exit polls are coming in on the Swiss news site Too early to be accurate, so take them for what they are worth. Early indications are also being provided by Le Temps in Switzerland and La Libre in Belgium.

17h35 Paris time: All of the above sites are calling it for Sarkozy with 52-54% since slightly before 17h30.
17h40: It's trending up for Sarko. is now saying 53-55%.
17h44: Télé Suisse Romande provides some background on the early exit polls.
17h52: is back to 53-54%.
18h04: The UMP (Sarkozy's political party) is installing equipment at the Place de la Concorde for a victory celebration. The Socialist Party has made no announcement regarding post-election festivities.
18h11: Even the Socialist Party is saying Sarko with 54%.
19h19: Most sources are settling on a 54% victory for Sarkozy. Ségolène Royal is expected to make a statement just a few minutes after 8PM. The crowd around Place de la Concorde is growing steadily in view of celebrating Sarkozy's victory.
19h40: Posting will continue above. Official results will be announced in 20 minutes.

National turnout for the second round of the French Presidential election is announced at 75.11% at 5PM compared to 67.6% for the second round 5 years ago at the same hour.

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