Friday, May 11, 2007

Europeans Speaking Up for Principles

Unlike the French (it appears), Against Red shows that the Spanish still know who to stand up to, what rights to champion, and which dissidents merit international support.
The majority in the plenary session of the [Madrid] Chamber was against the motion made by the main opposition party, which asked the Spanish Executive to demand from the Cuban government the “immediate” liberation of 134 “political prisoners” condemned “for defending democracy, freedom and human rights” on the island.The text was rejected by a majority which accused the PP of being the “representative” in Spain of the American “empire."
Update: E. Hall chimes in:
I was thinking earlier about the Sarkozy election and what it means to Zapatero in particular. Remember he made a big deal about turning away from the US alliance and towards the French-German "counterweight" axis? Well now that Germany has elected Merkel and France has elected Sarkozy, where does that leave Zap? All he has left is Castro and Chavez, and they are backstabbing him with their support for Evo Morales' nationalization program that seized Spain's gas assets. Somebody should write about this, and I haven't seen it anywhere of note.

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