Thursday, May 10, 2007

Besancenot's Boyz at Tolbiac are worried about Sarkozy's masterplan

French politics is like a do-it-yourself sitcom. You just need to add your own laughtrack. Wildcat striking students over at Tolbiac are all worked up despite the fact that Sarkozy: 1) Has not started his term 2) Has not yet (how could he?) pushed for any legislation. The kidz are striking based on Sarkozy's election platform. Nothing more. The Socialist Party and the Student Unions are calling for calm. After all, with Sarkozy winning by a 6 point margin with 85% participation, illegitimate is not something you could call this election (although you could use that word to describe Royal & Hollande's kids).

Over at Tolbiac, when they are not busy getting pizza stains off of their Che t-shirts with Mir Express, the revolutionary students are muttering stuff about 1968, anarchy, and neo-situationism (if you have time to kill, Google it: it's a French scam lorded over by guys called Debord, Foucault, Derrida, Baudrillard, Bourdieu, and Mehdi Belhaj Kacem).

Neo-situationist analysis would dictate that the car in the Plasmatics video below is the French Social Model, that the spray paint represents the media complicity that defaces and defiles the People's voice, that Wendy's sledgehammer is the mediatico-parlementary conspiracy dismantling the People's inherent rights, and that the dynamite used to destroy the vehicle is Sarkozy's neo-capitalist policies forcing the People to become (at best) working poor. I'm not sure, but I think neo-situationist analysis would dictate that the guy in the red, white, and blue crash helmet is supposed to represent Barak Obama. Or something.

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