Friday, April 22, 2005

Long Live the Dictatorship of the Civil Serviciat!

When a massive demonstration gathered tens of thousands of civil servants into the streets of Paris, demanding more dough, more government intervention, and more bureaucracy, a small group of protesters in their own right decided to infiltrate the dissatisfied multitudes.

The following were some of the tongue-in-cheek signs carried (mostly unnoticed) by members of the Brigade for the Money of French Taxpayers (BAF) as they marched among the poor, the tired, the huddled ma — oops sorry, wrong quote — :

For my retiremeent and my privileges…

…thank you, taxpayer, for buckling under

and (keeping in mind that in French, "proletariat" and one of the words for "civil service" rhyme)
The dictatorship of the civil service shall overcome

Read about the BAF's previous commando action

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