Monday, April 18, 2005

The disinvolved debating the papacy

National Reviews Dennis Boyle turns the lamp on the Guardians thoughtless approach to discussions of the Papacy and Catholicism. First They ask the wrong people, then they dont know what to ask them.

«At any given time in human history, there are always among us great men and women whose lives pass before us like magnificent spectacles, fabulous morality tales, heroic epics. None of them, however, appear to write for the Guardian

«Oh well, if you need more, the Guardian obliges: It takes two women Sandra Laville and Suzanne Goldenberg to point out what a terrible disappointment the pope has been to gay-rights activists, stem-cell researchers, feminists, abortionists, and disgruntled, liberal Catholics who dont go to church. The papers editorial points out the "incomprehension and loathing" John Paul II inspired and adds a little incomprehension of its own: "More divisive was his concept of a culture of death as he lambasted both the death penalty and abortion, which alienated many potential allies for social justice.»

Imagine that. People who would have nothing to do with the Catholic Church wanting a say in it. How dare those Catholics have a platform to think their own thoughts! Dont they realize that we live in democracies?

Somehow, leftists manage to convince themselves that they should somehow because they keep repeating the word tolerance, that they have the right of refusal of others thoughts and actions. Amazing.

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