Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bush eliminates Canadian PM's conflict of interest

Canada Free Press reports:

«Saddam invested one million dollars in Paul Martin-owned Cordex»

«Cordex Petroleum Inc., launched with Saddam’s million by Prime Minister Paul Martin’s mentor Maurice Strong’s son Fred Strong, is listed among Martin’s assets to the Federal Ethics committee on November 4, 2003.»

«Among Martin’s Public Declaration of Declarable Assets are: "The Canada Steamship Lines Group Inc. (Montreal, Canada) 100 percent owned"; "Canada Steamship Lines Inc. (Montreal, Canada) 100 percent owned"–Cordex Petroleums Inc. (Alberta, Canada) 4.6 percent owned by the CSL Group Inc." »

«Yesterday, Strong admitted that Tongsun Park, the Korean man accused by U.S. federal authorities of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent, invested in Cordex, the company he owned with his son, in 1997.»

«In that admission, Strong describes Cordex as a Denver-based company. Cordex Petroleum Inc. is listed among Martin’s assets as an Alberta-based company.»

«Cordex had a U.S. subsidiary.»
It's all about OILLLLL! to those who oppose the U.S. at every turn, but is there anything more than abusiveness and intolerance to their criticisms? Leftists seem to love their sweetheart deals, all the while trying to hector others with their strange, hypocritical "morality".

All it does is
provoke a response that reduces the entire dialogue to their level.

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