Sunday, April 17, 2005

Is it time to run away yet?

Defending oneself has become a huge no-no in the Unhinged Kingdom. Remember, take no action and wait for the constabulary. They would like to admire your corpse. Don’t forget, this is a nation where a male transvestite demanded a pap spear test.

Environmentalist love airliners.

Andrea Dworkin is still dead, and only had a truc with hereosexual penetrative sex.

Leading me to believe that those with an image of victimhood still forms the notion of a new aristocracy.

"Satanism on the rise in France – official report”
Oddly enough at the same time Christian churchgoers are at an estimated 5% (aye!! My eyes! Don’t take any data!) of the population, and the Muslim population (observant and non-observant) is at a well-documented level of 5,5%.

Hat-tips to John Ray, Don Miguel, Tim Blair, and Moonbat Central

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