Friday, April 22, 2005

Germany: a deep commitment to peace? Pfftt!!

Germany Info emits the following bit of self-affirming propaganda:

„The German Federal Cabinet agreed April 13 to sending up to 75 German soldiers to Sudan. The troops would primarily be military observers and staff personnel for the United Nations peace mission in Sudan (UNMIS).”

At the same time, the German Government has announced that it will maintain its emergency humanitarian aid for Sudan in 2005 at the same high level as in 2004 – 32.5 million euros. Additional funds could be made available if:

· The acts of violence in Darfur are halted and the Darfur crisis is resolved
· The North-South peace agreement is implemented
· The previously not included actors be included immediately
· Significant steps are taken toward democratization and protection of human rights.”

In other words - NEVER, since a commitment of less than 75 massacre watchers will do nothing to stabilize the Sudan.

Sudan Watch looks at it this way:

„The African Union (AU) has asked for European Union aid in deploying some 3,000 peacekeepers in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

[German government official Peter] Struck said he expected German Luftwaffe C160 Transall transport jets to be flying missions in Darfur later this year.
- - -

Note: Later this year? Hello. What about this month? Like, today? If you've followed Darfur closely these past six months, you may have noticed nothing much new has been put on the table since April and May when the death toll for Darfur was reportedly 10,000. Thousands of UN peacekeepers were planned for Sudan anyway - to enter by the end of Sept/Dec 2004 to monitor the ceasefires agreements after the long hoped for signing of the north-south peace accords.”

¡No Pasaràn! will not be holding its' breath.

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