Saturday, April 23, 2005

What to Avoid Doing If You Don't Want the French Authorities to Come After You

Le Monde's Monique Raux has a story on a Lorraine doctor who was sanctioned (with a month's suspension) because he has had the temerity of… working too long hours! It is true that Jean Bravetti's work schedule seems hectic, to say the least, but no medical errors have been attributed to him, and he works in a region where there are nine family practitioners for 15,000 inhabitants. From April 15 to May 15, their number will be down to eight.

In the international arena, Jean-Pierre Stroobants brings us an article on the bogus journalists who killed Afghan rebel chief Massoud on the day before 9/11, while the IHT's Alan Riding delves into the memories of France's Algerian population.

Meanwhile, a new blog on the block, with a French section, is the Federalist Patriot.

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