Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Retreat + defeat" is not an option

Video [.wmv]

When will those simpletons ever learn that the “grab your ankles” concept will not actually produce or preserve peace? In fact, their ever-shifting concept of justice will never create Peace. Parading their personal issues could never create anything beneficial either.

They don’t want peace. They want their own kind of war. One not prompted by actual events, trends, or risks, but one of their imagining. They hope for a struggle that props up their own view of the world which is limited to their wallets, the pub on the high street, and the school down the road – not a larger world. The reality of their actions is that it undermines all of our liberty, all of the well being that is used to help the unfortunate, and the societies that they live in, complain about, and want to destroy.

When you look at the history and origins of the leftist movement, (all variants of the “Frankfurt School”,) it’s obvious that whatever it is they actually say is trivial when enough of them believe that inventing your own facts is alright if it fits their idea of what the truth SHOULD be.

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