Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sod off Swampy

Chinese sheep are trembling in fear. Under pressure from the French government Jose Bové’s expulsion from Hong King has been reversed. Look out, HK, Swampy McSheep-boy is coming to town – and he’s one wild and crazy guy. What the Chinese should REALLY do is march him to the border with North Korea so he can be with his buddies:
«HONG KONG bowed to pressure from the French Government yesterday and lifted an expulsion order on Jose Bové.

Christine Lagarde, the French Trade Minister, asked the authorities to let M Bové into the territory after he performed a characteristically showy stunt, going on to France Inter radio live from a detention centre at the Hong Kong airport.

“Upon my arrival in Hong Kong they seized my passport and took me to a detention centre,” M Bové said.

Mme Lagarde asked the French consul-general in Hong Kong to make contact with the local authorities while her staff sought a promise from M Bové that he would behave during the summit.»
That puts the nanny state in a whole new light, doesn’t it?
«M Bové, 53, who casts himself as a martyr to capitalist oppression, is awaiting an appeal against a three-month prison sentence for destroying fields of experimental genetically modified crops.

As a known troublemaker with a criminal record, he has been barred from visiting summits in the United States and Canada in the past.»

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