Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The party of perennial sour grapes

French Communist Party accuses France 2 of bias against them
«Marie-George Buffet is very angry at Francetélévisions. Yesterday, the direction of the PCF officially raised a "sharp protest" at France 2 because is wasn’t invited onto the broadcast of «A vous de juger» (You be the judge) on Thursday evening on the topic "can the left govern?". The broadcast brought together DSK for the PS, Voynet for the Greens and Besancenot for the LCR. "the not inviting the PCF testifies to an ostracism and a was excluded from the public discussion on France 2. It is inadmissible!", said the PCF in an official statement, before meeting with Arlette Chabot, news director, and Patrick de Carolis, chair of Francetélévisions. Arlette Chabot assured them that France 2 had "no desire to shut out the PCF". "the PCF protests because it thinks that it deserved a place at the table and that it would be the only one to convey an antilibéral message, while our job it is to produce programs as we wish and invite who we want. This time, there was no communist guest, but there was of them last time and probably on the next broadcast." On thursday evening, «A vous de juger» (You be the judge), had 3,3 million viewers.»
Let's summarize, even though she though the Green party are puppy-in-the-blender free-market types:

Fifth column Commies: wahhhhh! How dare you think something without consulting us!

Fifth column media: Go shit in your hat, but on the other hand we’ll do whatever you like. Please don’t call on our employees to go on strike.

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