Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ignacio peut se faire ramoner

Book review by Pascal Menoret in the December issue of 'Le Monde Diplomatique' for the recently published book 'Al-Qaida dans le texte':


Contournant la censure appliquée au discours d'Al-Qaida par les médias français ...

Bypassing the censorship applied to Al-Qaida's message by the French media ...

(what a joke, this is the same French media that portrays OBL has a plunky prankster on Canal+'s Guignols and routinely refers to Al-Qaida terrorists as activists).


Pour de nombreux lecteurs, ce sera une surprise, tant le discours d'Oussama Ben Laden et d'Ayman Al-Zawahiri échappe à l'enclos théologique dans lequel on l'avait un peu rapidement enfermé.

For many readers this will come as a surprise given the fact that Ossama Bin Laden's and Ayman Al-Zawahiri's messages are freed from the theological boundaries that have been too hastily applied to them.

The book review goes on to criticise the inclusion of a fourth text attributed to OBL but apparently tainted because it was discovered by the US Army and was not subject to a thorough verification which would guarantee that it is, in fact, written by the saintly gentleman himself.

The book review contains no mention of terrorist attacks, beheadings, or other forms of activism routinely practised by the disciples of the authors.

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