Thursday, December 15, 2005

What exactly is it that the like of Jose Bové want?

It seems to change weekly. Right now they don't want protectionism, tomorrow they will - and call it "food security". The WTO has a set of issues all its' own which they seem to be trying to muscle in on. Its' fearless leader seems either disintersted, like the Cheshire Cat, or resigned to the chaos of the circus of NGOs and protestors that seems to follow the circus of conventioneers around the world.
But just WHAT IS IT that these sign carrying political groupies want? These are the same people who talk like crazed do-gooders who actually resemble survivalists and want us to live the same “sustainable” existence that characterized the hard-bitten poverty that took generations to struggle out of before the industrial revolution and the advent of modern farming. That “sustainable” existence really wasn’t – it could barely sustain people.

The planet should only listen to them at its’ peril before we all agree to live a life which could have come off of Steinbeck's pen.

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