Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Greenies all bunched up in a knot

The EviroSpinner unspins the goonie-fest in loon-land

«The Montreal conference on climate change has been an eye-opener. It has demonstrated a truth which for a long time has been only partially apparent: namely that, for many delegates and Green 'hangers on', punishing America for electing George W. Bush is far more rewarding and important than tackling climate change. Listening to the commentators on this morning's Today programme (BBC Radio 4), it was abundantly clear that their totally misplaced 'satisfaction' lay in humiliating America. Moreover, the Today programme itself appeared to be encouraging this agenda.

For anybody genuinely worried about climate change, Montreal is bleak. First, many countries which take the 'moral high ground' in public are quietly the very worst offenders. Hypocritical Canada (Paul Martin was unbelievable in his attack on the US) has seen its emissions rise by 24% (on the Kyoto-base 1990-levels); Japan, which gave the name to the original Kyoto Protocol, by 18%; and the statistics for some of the ever-pious European countries take the breath away - Spain up by 42%, Portugal up by 37%, and merry Ireland and Greece up by 26%. In contrast, the US - the non-ratifier of Kyoto, note - has seen its emissions rise by only 13% (and they have fallen 2% under Bush!). So who is the bad boy?»
Imagine that – a drop in emissions. All this while experience a much higher degree of the sort of poverty ending growth that Europe has. While social programs make people more dependant, a job makes the very notion a thing of the past.
«In the end, for those poor souls who are desperately worried about climate change, there can be only one measure of success - dramatically declining emissions. But there is no evidence whatsoever that this conference will lead to any such thing. Indeed, the myths of carbon trading are likely to increase overall emissions, while binding targets are now off the agenda.

Bashing America may be fun (for some), but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the deeper realities. Indeed, Mr. Bush may have done far better politically to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol - and then to ignore it, just like everyone else. That would have been yet another triumph of PR over substance. 'Talking-the-talk' is cheap - in every sense. »
The metrics themselves are highly selective. Nonetheless, it's what you DO with the energy that really matters. Instead of just flattering itself, the US creates jobs, growth, and stabilizes the global economy and security environment. More than anything, it protects the world from the rampage of EUtopian trade measures on the poorer in the world by being a viable market for it, and making enough to be generous and wise in their regards.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Scott Burgess points out how the Indy has lost its’ grip on reality.

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