Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey, Lefty - afraid of where that purple finger has been?

«Iraq's Election Day was a glorious success. Now on to the hard part.»
To the left, the absence of spontaneous post bombing perfection, hot and cold running Mecca Cola, and room service no longer seem to be the first thing on their minds anymore, but the near-silence is deafening on the left side of the turf now that they're at this point of development. Probably because there isn’t enough bad news about their ideological opponents to get them out of bed.

“On to the hard part,” indeed – start eating your hat.

The whole thing has been hard. The only difference is that the likes of those who scribble for the NYT didn’t really seem to want to notice it before. There is one thing we can excpect: we'll know they're on board when they try to take the credit for it.

Update: Tammy Bruce points out who the real loser of the Iraqi election.

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