Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's Behind [_______]?

The Simon gives us the straight dope behind "what's behind the London attacks" - which reveals something brilliant. The accusation and the emotional ploys on the part of traitors are identical to the days immediately after 9-11, complete with Israelis being "warned in advance", hints that the killers "don't really exist", to the whole repetatively improbable-but-always-in-the-exact-same-way paradigm.

Many thanks to some of my favorite boozehounds for pointing this out, to the fine supporting cast and crew, and to my parents for making me possible...

Oh, and they also point out the most critcal thing - the fact that it's the apologists and self blamers who have to learn to live with their overreaching accusations:

«Peter Wilby seems to be struggling in his straitjacket with an article titled "Citizens in democracies will be held to account for what is done in their name". How nice. Nice to know that he thinks these people were all held accountable
Now how on earth can Harold Pinter, Ward Churchill, Wilby, and their ilk call anyone else a 'poodle'?

Why don't they read about the lives of people they'd rather call "Little Eichmanns" in their pathetic attempt to seek attention.

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