Friday, August 12, 2005

Starting to Sound Alike

The Imaam (pl.) at ask-an-imam give guidance on undermining pluralism by only allowing one muslim to run in an election against another one in order to produce the maximum amount of orthodoxy, no matter why, or what the context is:

«Q.: Is it permissible, to stand for presidency with a fellow muslim on a College Student Council?

A.: If, by standing for presidency on a college student council, your friend would be required to act or pass decisions contrary to the teachings of Shariah, then you are not allowed to support such a cause. On the contrary, if there is benefit in holding such a position, in terms of requesting your permissible needs etc. then you are allowed to stand for presidency with your friend.»

Which makes him sound like Barbara Boxer, who wants a certain Supreme Court nominee to promise to ignore the constitution or legal logic and always rule in favor of leftist causes.

Because otherwise, that is haram:
«Would someone please tell Sen. Barbara Boxer that John Roberts is not running for political office -- and get her a copy of the Constitution? Sen. Boxer indignantly announced recently that she would vote against Roberts' nomination to the Supreme Court unless she can be convinced that he will support abortion rights. This conjures the silly mental picture of Judge Roberts sitting in the hot seat, being grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee, wearing a button saying, "Abortion is safe with me.
Vote Roberts for U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice." Since Boxer has, via the Peter Principle, managed to land herself in the United States Senate, wouldn't it be refreshing if she would demonstrate some comprehension of the Court's limited role under the Constitution?

The governmental powers and limitations the Framers incorporated in the Constitution came with a purpose -- usually to safeguard the liberties of the people. To the extent you ignore its prescriptions, you jeopardize liberties.»
- David Limbaugh

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