Thursday, August 11, 2005


Film at 11. And on their six.
«''The 5-man Blackwater crew that was assigned to CPA Najaf were coming under heavy small arms and mortar fire, the city was being taken over by insurgents. The police stations and hospitals were taken over as well, after a day of fighting off hundreds of insurgents the city had been completely overrun, with the CPA in the heart of the city and no way out.

Well that night all hell broke loose and we flew back in. Over 1000 insurgents (reported by the F18 pilots) had taken the city and now wanted the CPA after a day of intense fighting by 11 BW guys, airstrikes, a handful of Marines and 1 sniper we were able to hold them off. After it DIED down and gunships and SF guys finally started to roll in the battle was soon over and the CPA was saved.

That's pretty much it in a nut shell...''»

Clicken sie Hier for video.

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