Monday, August 08, 2005

Congratulations to the EU3 on another successful 5 year plan.

Ireland Online: Iran resumes uranium conversion activities

«Iran resumed uranium conversion activities today at a nuclear facility – a step that Europeans and the US warned would prompt them to seek UN sanctions against Tehran.»

U.S. “accuses” (hoe DARE they), and Europe “fears” (how very touching of them):
«The US accuses Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, while Iran insists its programme aims only to produce electricity. But Iran has insisted it has the right to develop the entire fuel cycle – from raw uranium to the fuel for a reactor. Europe fears that if Iran can develop fuel on its own, it will also secretly produce material for a bomb.»

It’s not quite the same outcome of calling one thing “fear” and one thing an “accusation”, apart from the fact that the EU3 get characterized as a giant, (albeit ineffectual) warm-fuzzy, and with any hope on the part of a press ringer, the Iranian street mobs will be incited by an “accusation”.
Either way, the Iranian public is put at risk by their non-nuclear neighbors by all this. It doesn’t figures into the construction of a strategic balance of any sort, unless they plan on initiating a war with Israel, the Pakistanis, or wiping out Saudi Arabia.

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