Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Ultimate Endgame

Here's your fabulous freaking socialized medicine... Kill them off of they need any.

Endless thanks to The Adventuress who, unlike the NHS and the proponents of Hillary-Care has her head screwed on straight.

She also poits out the irony in a BBC report about how a comatose man who suddenly emerged from this condition is "not like Terry Schiavo".
The hell he isn't - neither of them were on life support, they were just curiously inconvenient to someone. In the case of a Briton, this horribly aggreived party would be called the state.

There was even a (Don't) "Have Your Say" section associated with it. Largely, there is outrage, which is what you would expect if you knew that you're about to unwillingly give your life to the state for no clear reason:

«What have we become? How can we even think such a thing. Just the thought that we would suggest allowing older people to die is beyond shame. God should decide when we die not some pompous ass in a white coat.

I see you are marching down the road to the elderly having a duty to die.»
There's a welfare state for you. All state, and no welfare. They have finally found what even a fool could tell you: sooner or later, there won't be anything left to forcably redistribute.

Meanwhile, among the youngest and most gullible, a muse deluded and exploited young person emerges:

«I wanna [sic] go to Venezuela - By Rachel Evans

Land to the poor, schools to the young
Dentists for them all so smiles beam
at victory stories talked and revolt stories sung
word on the street is the gifts are as theyve seen

Factories to the workers, bold in their new hour
unions taking heart at the blatant army support
of the developing, loud and public seizure of state power
and the old tell the young of the battles theyve fought

Food for the people, granted in this new day
Nourishes the old: offered societys thick new coats
The youth sing along, high pitched and equal in their say
With no choking sadness gripping their awakened throats»
Feel free to puke.

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