Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Puffington Host

Just as I had expected - Someone emerged to keep an eye on the horror show of entertainment types who think that they have something to say. The Puffington Host debuted a week before the over-networked, over-hyped web-thing even started. Finally and alas, Arianna Huffington rolls out the red carpet of gossip-like news-blog pedantry. Once you see what it actually is, the only thought worthy of it is: whoop-de-doo, and give it a hearty Pffft!

Today's great pearl of political wisdom:
When do I get to meet Gwynneth Paltrow?. Think about it - Huffington named the thing after HERSELF, and then gets a bunch of inflated egos to write about themselves too! This isn't quite "painting the fence for Tom Sawyer" - this is exploitation by Huffington of the intellectually handicapped. Is this what leftists hope will be the future of the news media? Feeding egos with this sort of trash?

- Chapeau alert reader, Steve Piranha.
Reading the Huffington creampuff blog did put me off of my couscous, though, Steve...

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