Thursday, May 12, 2005

Losing more than fuelrods.

How the hell do you lose a 5 foot long fuel-rod? Fell of the truck, maybe? Lunch break forgetfullness?

Oddly enough they should be worked up about Dieudonné going to the crowbar hotel. As awful as hate speech is, the "do-gooder" left might finally see the stupidity of trying to regulate it through arbitrary limitations through speech codes.

Attention is being misplaced on what Dieudonné says, and defending his anti-semetic rants. Lost, I think, is a reasonable notion of an individual's freedom, and the consequences of being rebutted freely and without the veil of a media treating him softly and fearfully not airing his critics' replies. When the law, and not individuals, get involved in these matters, we all lose.
When a miasma of unrelated "white guilt" tacitly silences criticism in the same way we all lose too.

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