Sunday, May 08, 2005

Boyle, BBC, and Big Bird

Dennis Boyle, National Review's Euro Press Review columnist tires of dealing with the dull rat's nest of European press and politics. He's decided to move to Kansas.
On his way, he takes a few parting shots at the BBC and the American
middle-minded twits who rebroadcast it.

Definately "must hear radio!" in the 'hood. NPR is the sister organization to PBS, an outfit that, like NPR stations, goes begging on the air twice a year even though they are flush with a huge financial endowment. They normally do this by putting a gun to Big-Birds head threatening to childrens programming off the air. Their REAL stock in trade is pimping radical lefty memes as mere-Christianty of sorts for fat-cat doner organizations which are funded by the likes of George Soros and Jane Fonda. See? THERE are your fundies!

He also anticipates a Raffarin-redux for Chirac, but who can tell?

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