Sunday, April 24, 2005

Please, suffer some more, it's so picturesque...

Extremists Greenies should be charged with crimes against humanity. They probably get off on hearing the moans of death.

Rainforest Action Network has been engaging in an attempt to blackmail lenders into denying electricity, protein, and heat to the poorest of the world.

«…With other banks having already caved in to these outrageous demands, poor Third World countries will have nowhere to turn for financing. Which, of course, is RAN’s agenda; for them they will all remain traditional, indigenous, and impoverished, requiring few if the Earth’s "finite" resources, and keeping their populations in check through disease, malnutrition, and starvation.»

«That means 800 million people will be chronically undernourished with 14 million Africans facing starvation in southern Africa alone. More than 230 million children will continue to suffer from Vitamin A Deficiency and a half million of them go blind every year. Two million will continue to die from problems directly related to VAD.»

«None of this is necessary. Modern biotechnology can save lives while preserving wildlife and habitats. It would let farms grow more food on less land, but RAN and other Greens declared war on biotechnology years ago. They cry out that it requires widespread use of pesticides, but that is just another Green lie. Biotech crops can withstand insects and viruses without heavy use of pesticides. Some crops have been created to grow better in saline and nutrient-poor soils. Others can thrive despite severe droughts. Meanwhile, RAN and its allies spend $35 million a year battling the introduction of biotech crops.»

«RAN is among those Green groups that lobbied to get the United Nations to ban the use of DDT to protect people against malaria. It infects an estimated 400,000,000 people a year in Africa alone. It kills 2,000,000, half of them children. The loss of revenue to poor African nations is in the billions annually because a third of their workforce is sick much of the time.»

«There is something obscene to the opposition of Green organizations to anything that would improve the lives of the very least among us, the poor and the starving masses of the Third World, but that is their objective. Their concern is for wildlife or for forests that anyone knows can replenish themselves. Cutting down a tree does not mean another will not grow in its place, but not cutting down a tree often leaves people without ground on which to grow crops or an income from that tree when sold as lumber.»

«From the rainforests of South America to the parched lands of sub-Saharan Africa, RAN is plotting ways to insure that people, no different from you or I, remain trapped in poverty, lack of adequate food, a constant threat of disease, and the specter of death by age 35–if they make it past infancy. That is what the modern, perverse vision of environmentalism is really all about.»

Hat-tip to hurricane blogger Dr. Jon Ray.

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