Thursday, April 28, 2005

Luddism as a Hobby of the idle rich

The only “acting locally” greenies will be doing is shilling for their politicos.

«Should anyone bring up the fact that the world is a cleaner place than it was in 1970, the green alarmists will, of course, take full credit for the progress before moving briskly back to their reflexive attack on modernity and freedom.
Nothing unexpected about that. If environmentalists declare victory, it's political suicide for the movement and those who set up nice lives for themselves by braying at corporate America and the conspicuous consumption of fossil fuels.
According to the [U.S.] Environmental Protection Agency, core air quality indicators such as ozone (down 31%), nitrogen dioxide (down 42%), sulfur dioxides (down 72%), carbon dioxide (down 76%), particulate matter (down 31%) and lead (down 98%), are all well below their mid-1970s levels.
In fact, the 2005 edition of the "
Index of Leading Environmental Indicators" reveals that U.S. air pollution levels have fallen to the lowest on record.

Despite the improvements, eco-activists will be all over the media today heralding an environmental cataclysm if we don't change our wicked ways. It's simply not enough that conditions are much better and the outlook is improving.»

Like the British socialists who were in power in the 70’s, their greatest complaint was that there still wasn’t enough socialism.
The population got sick of their pedantry and lack of perspective and got rid of them. Even “Labour” had to change it’s name to “New Labour” to convince otherwise. How long will it be before the part of the population that is being regulated into mediocrity and being forced to recycle for no reason does the same?

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