Friday, April 29, 2005


Top of the pin to Natalie Solent for calling to our attention a fine compendium of leftist cognitive over-reach: The Gallery of 'Bush = Hitler' Allusions

Enjoy it in all it's glory - the hurt feelings, the emotional projection, the invented potential crises of outcome, the dance of the moving goal posts, and the general "I still hate my parents" sickness of never being able to believe that your own society can ever be anything other than evil.

My favorite is the always unctuous Harold Pinter, written about here in The Guardian:

«The American detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where al-Qaida and Taliban suspects were being held, was a concentration camp.

The US population had to accept responsibility for allowing an unelected president to take power and the British were exhausted from protesting and being ignored by Tony Blair, a "deluded idiot" Pinter hoped would resign
Never mind the fact that his beloved Cuba DOES fence Cubans in like in the concentration camps.

Ever hear of someone navigating plywood-and-tire rafts TO Fidel's socialist paradise?

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