Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The culture vultures seem more interested in a different kind of bondage.

Passover is a nice time to think about freedom. Dr. Charles Jacobs with the American Anti-Slavery Group thinks about freedom on it's most fundamental terms all the time.

He works to end Sudanese and Mauritanian black slavery. In Mauritania, the enslaved are Muslim. In Sudan they are mainly Christian and Animists.

Naturally, he is smeared as an "anti-Sudanese propagandist" and a Zionist by the a man who later proved himself to be nothing more than an

apologists for evil
which has made Jacobs the focus of the emotive ire.

Like the American Christian organizations which have been doing the same sort of work, and making missions to Sudan to buy as many slaves out of bondage as they can, he is driven by the imperative to free. The difference with Jacobs is this: he refuses to hide his own faith: Judaism.

The shots they try to take?:

"...In reality, many of the 'slaves' are fakes..."
Woah - not so fast there, Chief… Covering for the ownership and breeding of human beings as property - like emotionless animals who are raised for food?

And they do it with a straight face. How filthy can you be?

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