Sunday, April 24, 2005

How dare they call themselves «experts»?!?

While the secretariat of left-leaning transnational types try to blame the common-sense burdened mainstream of civilization and fly around world-wide to conferences that resemble an "internationale" of class hatred, the data bears out differently.

«A determined renegade group of three scientists has fought for years – with little success – to get out the message that no more than a third of HIV transmission in Africa is from sexual intercourse and most of that is anal. By ignoring the real vectors, they say, we’re sacrificing literally millions of people

«These renegades note that one indicator the role of vaginal transmission is overplayed in Africa is that it hasn’t played much of one in the U.S. Here 12 percent of AIDS cases are “attributed to” heterosexual transmission, meaning victims claimed to have gotten it that way. Of these, over a third are males. »

It’s obvious that AIDS is mainly spread by compulsive, unfaithful ass-bandits - men who are getting it from men, and giving it to woman and men. For them, standing by one man or one woman is impossible, and almost always involves lie-ing to one or more of them.
Why can’t the like of the WHO say it? It Politically Incorrect, and ruffles the sensibilities of a handful of comfortable westerners. Who do people need to die to indulge their feelings or desire for personal drama?

Simple parental advice about only having sex with someone you trust and love is drowned out by endless distracting blathering not heard since the days of Trotskyite-Leninist schisms.

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