Friday, April 29, 2005

The French Military "Draw Up a Critical Evaluation" of 30 Months of American Operations in Iraq

Experts with the French military have discovered the reason for America's failings in Iraq.

It's the Protestant religion…

It's not because France didn't participate in the Iraq war that its military experts shouldn't take it upon themselves to study the manner in which the Americans undertook "stabilisation operations" from May 2003 to December 2004
writes Laurent Zecchini in his description of a special issue of the CDEF review Doctrine about Uncle Sam's "often disastrous operations". What Zecchini's piece does throughout, basically, is quote the "French experts" (who, to name only one thing, never seem to have heard of the concept of born-again Christians). "For the French military, another considerable weakness of the American military operations was…", starts a typical sentence in this piece in Le Monde (which in a separate article, referred nonchalently and self-evidently to the U.S. Army in the agonizing country [Iraq] as the army of occupation [see image 7]).

Anyway, Americans will be happy to finally understand the basic problem of the whole Iraq mess. It is their attitude and their culture:

"Faced with [the terrorist] threat, the only possible solution was complete extermination. We are thus back to the logic of the 'body count' [in English in the original] … On the one hand, it was out of the question to negotiate with 'Evil' and, on the other hand, in the Protestant logic, one is born a 'bad guy' [in English in the original] rather than one becomes one. It is therefore sufficient to use enough means to eradicate them."

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