Friday, April 29, 2005

It’s like a blackboard jungle...

Only in Europe where something as basic as capitalism is only understood by the few who aren’t resentful about their lives - would the successful roll-out of a new aircraft be called “an embarrassment to America”, and a “victory in a battle”.

Meanwhile, back at the chateau, the usury remains business as usual. While abject ignorance pervades. While the BBC tut-tuts about US growth “only” being at %3.1 and after a week of oil prices dropping decries it’s RISE, one is hard pressed to find data on EU-zone growth. One will find quite a bit of “future projection” of growth, but they’re about as accurate as this little figure that “misunderestimated” the cost of oil by ONE HALF.

«A further easing is assumed over the next two years, to USD 25.6 per barrel in 2004 and USD 24.1 per barrel in 2005.»
I can’t think of any other part of the world where people are generally opposed to capitalism because they think it’s oligarchal monoplism, poo-poo nationalism at home and anywhere else, but get nationalistic about their molly-coddled industries, many of which are state owned of not controlled.

Hello Lisbon, here we com!

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