Sunday, January 23, 2005

No!, MY rainbow!, MINE!

No wonder they're losing adherents daily. They have to escape a worldview that's beginning to resemble a cult of death with at least SOME of their dignity intact!

In the "progressives" never ending "defence" of all that is good and humane, nothing is off limits. Not the simple pleasures of children, nor reason, the mathematics of democracy, nor even the eplitation of the poor. Many reject them in disgust, others by simply laughing at them.

If they can't stand AmeriKKKa, they should ease out of it, move to the Texas of the North, learn how to do something, and try to go a few months without the expolitation, erm, "adult supervision" of those trying to tell them what to think.
Or perhaps not think at all, and just stay home and play with their toys.

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