Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Zombie cult lies down with dogs, get up with fleas. Film at 11.

Indymedia, whose graphic layout exhibits the exact same lack of presence of mind as its’ readers, is STILL atwitter about temporarily losing their many repeated / pedantic internet portals, and naturally, takes it personally.

It turns out that they were not the target of the shutdown. A jihadist Hamas website was. Concerned citizens realized that it could be
paranoiac thoughts on cause, their predictable outrage, and all the attendant fun and laughs that they're known for far and wide, over formerly bucolic hill and formerly pristine dale. Throwing their lot I'm with the violent and illiberal is quite a strange turn for them, non?

Meanwhile, there are people still piercing the air with their fingers,
And saying “Property is THEFT!” This
little pearl of solidarity reminiscent of the good old days of missile parades on Karl-Marx Platz.


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