Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Europe: keeping up with the Chens?

Rapprochement with Europeans is a one way street. Make a place at the table for them or else.

About cultural conflicts (in business)

For new Chinese businessmen modern financing means and
business modes can perhaps ease much of the pressure. But more of the cultural challenges are unavoidable for them. It is said that TCL's Li Dongsheng once went to France for a meeting at a weekend after he had acquired the color TV business from Thompson. He was annoyed and puzzled by the finding that none of the senior French officials came. He seemed failed to understand how important weekends are for Europeans.

The shoes-burning incident in Spain appeared to be due to dissatisfactions of the Spanish rivals. But what hided behind the appearance was the cultural conflict. In Europe weekends are for rest. Nobody works on weekends. But the corporate culture of Chinese businessmen is that business does not recognize holidays, which inevitably met with the discrimination of the Spanish. By the time they went into disadvantaged position in the competition and sustained loss their anger could not but erupt.

-from The China Daily

As for anti-globalization protestors helping them, the unions should be wary of who they hook up with.

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