Thursday, January 27, 2005


Just what subscribers to a Gas & Electric utility want for their money, I'm sure.

"His innocence is irrelevant because he is a comrade."

So Mumia Abu-Jamal is a “
Persona non-grata”. This is not a newsflash. He’s a murderer.
He isn’t a political prisoner, although as a darling of the far left he has become one , and gives them whatever they want as long as the attention keeps coming,
twisting the truth for any local outpost of the transatlantic chump network that will have him.
That there could be a
huge miasma complaining about things that they no nothing about, nor question is astonishing. It also seems to be part of the unquestioning profile of their naïve, exploited supporters. Look no further for signs that reprogramming has been successful.

This is a public utility, which is supposed to be in the business of maintaining reliable power and gas service. Not only are they involved in politics instead of energy, but foolishly step into a matter which they know nothing about which doesn’t involve them in any way. They are endearing themselves to a man who panders to any extremist cause, even those which would like to see power companies cease to exist.

It’s quite obvious that there is more there than the Dr. Strangelovian reflex to blindly follow anything identified as “social justice” no matter what it
harms. Abu Jamal (who speaks no Arabic in spite of his name) is their kind of American – a pitiable character, an Anti-American American who places himself in the political entanglements of others in order to avoid the universally understandable justice of paying for the crime of murder.

Cop killing is an especially difficult matter for any government to face. Those who give themselves
reasons to hate society also hate reason and authority, so they support a cop-killer to prop up their ugly emotions. Now if only Abu Jamal’s French supporters first took stock of their feelings about how a cop-killing would be dealt with in France BEFORE they judge it in the U.S., they would not find the power company involved with trying to spring a murderer from across the ocean.

Do you really think an African would feel comfortable knowing an murderer from Philadelphia is trying to invoke an “
African identity” to help him convince people that the murders he committed are less wrong than anyone else’s?

A bit of advice: check others’ facts and motives before you let them toy with your emotions.

If the French
support the death penalty at home, why do they oppose it abroad? To demand something ELSE, like supplicating penitent explanations from America about their internal affairs?

They sound like Mumia.

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