Tuesday, January 25, 2005

UNObeing, to the rescue

Europe’s knight in shining all natural hemp fibers, UNObeing, to the rescue.
Late, natch. Nearly a MONTH late.

Breathe. See date above. Continue reading

Meanwhile, the U.N. constructs the following morsel of consent: 21/1/2005 UN Conference On
Disaster Reduction Concludes. (conludes WHAT, is never all that clear)

Were I was Indian, I would be rather cheesed off (if they like cheese, that is) at this little bit of “
jumping someone else’s train”: UN Launches Plans For Global Early Warning System On Natural Disasters

In other words, they are going to claim acclaim for what the US has been doing for 30 years in the Pacific, and what India announced it would implement in the Indian ocean.


Update: Your correspondent's humble apologies. I think I've found UNObeing's intestinal equal, or at least the artful product of UNObeing's sage advise Mr. Methane (pr. mee-thayn)

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