Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Jihadist Werewolves in London

The beeb is giving them the "red victim" treatment as we speaks. It's revolting. They are trying to emphasise 'torture' alluding to unproven reports of bruises, 'indignities', and such, which i'm sure these 4 guys and their lawyers are busy putting together right now.

The british have used their own, even more severe, right to detention of ANYONE since forever with the IRA. They are not ones to talk, even though the environment is ripe with kooky comparisons. These clowns are (apart from some flimsy paperwork) stateless thugs picked up engaging in combat. Moreover, the Beeb made a point of NOT mentioning many previous releases, especially those where the prisoners *themselves* were thankful for decent treatment, better medical care than they ever had in their lives, and people actually listening to them and paying attention to their needs as individuals.

The British left will surely exploit them politically for all they are worth, while the US will not, under any circumstances do anything of the sort. Even the ones who actually had GOOD things to say about the U.S.

When the turds in the Euro-lefty-press, LTD have nothing left but this, it's quite obvious that they're desperate to fill a void with their political agenda instead of news.

It's more to less like the Guardian's "most depressing day of the year" crapola which Scott Burgess expounds on eloquently. It’s quite obvious that the likes of the writers at the Guardian are just trying to make interesting the tedious monkey-work of living as a European.
They are dubbed lovingly as the Guantanamo Four, not unlike the Chicago eight. Naturally the abuse and misuse of children continue, but not only in the bomb-belt fashion centre of the world. Total confusion over right and wrong, even in the genocide of the past, continues.

I say march 'em all to the fence and let Castro have them. They're irrational hateful revolutionaries. They have a lot in common, including a love of macrame bomb caddies.

Meanwhile. back in the near east, actions repeat themselves for 30 years neither results nor progress. They may of may not need the attention of the U.S. , but they certainly need the europeans to stop meddling and let them get on with their lives.

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