Thursday, January 27, 2005

Stupid Bromide that will never let you down

The obvious problem with the tired saw: "Americans are from Mars, Europeans are from Venus." is the attendants nuissance of being nagged and wussie pipped. Any short reading of the European press, or brief "enjoyment" of the European news media will support this.
I doubt however that this will end if Mr. America will find domestic harmony when it simply does whatever 'the little woman' says to the letter - many, many unreconcilably bizarre, contradictory, and counterproductive letters... And what a strange lady this is. Wanting us all to do things that have never worked, don't seem to benefit anyone, and befuddle even their adult children, the former Colonies.
So they want a greater say on the War on Terror than their involvement merits? By European standards then, Nancy Hopkins should have Larry Summers job as President of Harvard Univerity because she was so deeply offended by his comments. Erm...., no.

Look on the bright side - they're still married, and not just for the children.

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