Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our European Betters Declare Gay Dogging a “Human Right”

Aren’t you glad the police are on the case? The quickest way to destroy a concept is to overuse the terminology associated with it. Ergo, anything in Europe is raised to the level of a right whether it really is or not. Blink twice and you’ll be able to kiss those rights goodbye.

Public homosexual activity in parks and public bathrooms must not be impeded by law enforcement officials except as a last resort, says a new set of draft guidelines for UK police.
Nonetheless, even though they are not to interfere, officers are told to go home and do their required reading in order to expressly not enforce any sort of public order.
The constable encouraged police to study sex websites for insight into the whereabouts of homosexual sex hot spots. Such websites show, among pornographic advertisements, dozens of public haunts for homosexual men seeking anonymous sex - among the most notorious being Dartford Heath, where public sex has been said to have spiraled "out of control."
Which is pointless, even if you are trying to “build trust” with 2% of the population, but enforcing the law on others.
The ACPO already enforces guidelines for police officers handling the public indecency claims against homosexual cruising, which emphasize "the value of building trust with local LGBT communities" to ensure that action against homosexual activity be "fair, necessary, and legitimate."  The guidelines were authored by the ACPO Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Working Group in 2000 to provide "a comprehensive LGBT policing strategy centered around anti-homophobia."
Let SOME adults fuck in public, force people to explain this to their children, and there will be no more homophobia – I get it!

But what does it really matter if you’ve already forgot what your fake concern for equal treatment was for to begin with.
Islam should be treated more sensitively than Christianity: BBC

Mark Thompson claimed that because Muslims are a religious minority in Britain and also often from ethnic minorities, their faith should be given different coverage to that of more established groups.
As if the grand span of other world religions who are minorities in the UK don’t deserve preferential coverage, or that there is some reason to behave preferentially to any private group or institution.

Must pick your enemies to detest, must pick your fashionably oppressed to champion, even if you’ve got no clue: lefty moral vanity demands it. In that prism, some must always be more equal (or pitiable in a politically useful way) than others, especially if they represent the fewest people and the treatment itself manages to dispossess the largest number of people of equal treatment.

Why? Because hating normal, happy people makes them feel smart.

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