Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Example of the Media's Independence and Fairness

A fellow American living in Paris who (for some unfathomable reason) doesn't think that Barack Obama speaks for him — and who, indeed (for some unfathomable reason), thinks that Barack Obama may be naive — sent a letter to the editor of New Hampshire's Granite State News. (Don’t be confused by the small town appearance of the paper, it is part of Salmon Press, a media group with multiple papers, a daily print circulation of over 200,000 in a small state, and a major online presence.) What he asked to be printed was the following viewpoint:
At the World Policy Forum in France, Jesse Jackson said that Barack Obama would “apologize for our [American] arrogance”. He also said that our support for Israel would end.

As a proud American living in France, I am offended at how Barack Obama feels he needs to apologize for America as he did during his European tour. Europeans do not want apologies. They want a strong America. Obama is naïve. Kruschev looked JFK in the face and saw naiveté leading to the Cuban missile crisis. Jimmy Carter’s “love the world” approach led to the Iran hostage crisis.

Now Obama’s campaign has foreigners contribute financially and calling voters in “swing states” to influence their vote. That is wrong and it is un-American.

I want a president who insures that America is respected, not one that worries about being loved by the French. Barack Obama is frighteningly naïve and unfit for the presidency of the United States.
Now, as you probably know, editors virtually never respond to emails or letters, they either publish or toss them in the trash. However, our friend was fortunate enough (?) to get a reply. He was not fortunate enough to get his viewpoint published, but he got the consolation prize (?) of a long (sic), a well-thought-out (sic), and a courteous (sic) reply. A reply showing that Tom Beeler, editor extraordinaire of the Granite State News, understands the world, politicians, preachers, Republicans, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, common courtesy, and, last but not least, the independence of the media better than anyone…
No one listens to Jesse Jackson, even if he did say those ridiculous things, and Jesse Jackson is not Barack Obama. And Obama is anything but naive.

Another set of lies from desperate Republicans.

Thomas Beeler
The Granite State News
PO Box 250
Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896
(603) 569-3126
What… nuance!…

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