Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh, How Very Cosmoplitan they are

This third story is more than just another bimbo eruption for Domenique Strauss-Kahn.

Blog aggregation site reported late yesterday, having later changed it's more accusitory seeming headline, that a woman has come forward saying that the IMF chief and French Socialist Party big-wig attempted to rape her.

Is the DSK affaire is the tree hiding in the forest? At the worldly Parisian dinner parties, director of the IMF is apparently well known for his amorous conquests. His supposed affair with a Hungarian economist is in the headlines right now, but this relationship between consenting adults is, after all, as inconsequential as DSK himself, merely a banal exchange. It gets more serious. A video posted on the web explains how DSK tried to rape Tristane Banon, a young journalist and novelist. If the facts are proved, the charge would indeed be terrible. But the victim does not conceal herself, but rather accuses the director of the IMF of bullying.
It also seems that that the matter was hushed up in February 2007, even though it was well after the presidential election that early on gave him a good bit of exposure, and Strauss-Kahn was far from Paris with conciderably less exposure, having already been appointed head of the IMF.

After her segment on Tous le Monde en Parle hosted by the terminally anti-American Thierry Ardisson, she mentioned it to the muckraker investigative journalist, who didn't think much of it. In his arrogance, he suggested that "it not what I asked you here".

In other words, to Ardisson a senior politician attempting rape is perfectly normal, and unworthy of his attention. What do you expect from a man that treats political discourse on TV the way Jerry Springer used to cover bisexual midgets who are unfaithful to their spouses.

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