Thursday, October 23, 2008

If it feels good, do it!

As the patron saint of NP is of Argentine lineage we are duty-bound to take a peek from time to time at what gives south of that equator. Ugh:

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez has signed a bill that will nationalise the country's 10 private pension funds.


Ms Fernandez said that Argentina needed to protect those with pensions amid falling stock prices around the world.

However, expectations of the announcement sent Argentine shares 11% lower and critics said the government simply wanted its hands on the money ahead of a tough budget year.
As can be seen elsewhere, the lock-step vanguard of the hard-left is eager to use the current financial system turbulence as subterfuge for their insatiable statist thirst for ever more money, your money of course. Previously the monetarily-grabbing vultures on the hard-left had to use a wee bit of stealth to hide their propensity to pick your pocket. With financial turmoil the gloves are off and the current play on the hard-left is the straight-up smash, grab, and gobble, all in the name of "social justice" mind you.

Argentina's 2001 default at least was wrapped in the faux-plausible radical blasé-chic liberation rhetoric of "sticking it to the man!". The 2008 version of events is nothing more than a blatant confiscation on the part of hard-left statists.

In surveying the very possible hard-left wave breaking against the barricades the thought does arise regarding the need for a new anthem of solidarity amongst the statists. Forget about dusting off that old copy of the Internationale you may have found while looking for your autographed copy of the Little Red Book. This is a new time in need of a new anthem befitting our smash-grab-and-gobble comrades on the hard-left. Two possible, and very appropos, offerings: Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and Money, Money, Money.

In other news:

A naked man found wedged in a supermarket chimney in Greater Manchester today has been arrested on suspicion of burglary.
One supposes light blogging from the Devil's Kitchen then.....

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