Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Leftist Routine of Faking Ubiquity and Consensus

For no reason other than to grab any vote that they can, the way the loony left will suddenly start pretending to embrace military people whom they otherwise reflexively accuse of abuse and stupidity should prove amusing. Reserving their hatred for them until it seems politically expedient to "suport the troops", Powell's endorsement of a man with no executive experience or accomplishments.

It's as mercenary as the hypocrity that French politicians are trying to paper over Dominque Strauss-Kahn's abuse of his office in pursuing an affair with a subordinate at the IMF. They are biting the bullet for no reason other than their own advancement at the cost of anything they used to think was right an wrong, because like Powell, he's all they've got. All must agree to the exclusion of anything else. Even to the point where someone will censor the Wikipaedia page about the victim.

What, then, are the consequences? The perp's wife, Anne Sincair, is television political interviewer in a nation where repeating the fashionable superlatives is manditory to the exclusion of anything else and any other assertions even when they aren't true, is for now reserving her comments – much like Hillary Clinton after if became obvious that Bill couldn't suppress his appetite for any reason, is biting her lip for the sake of her own future value, and nothing more.

The hypocrity that the hardest core or Obama's supporters will have to engage in now, having over the past 7 years carried signs that say “Bush is te real terrorist” and the “Bush-Cheney did 9-11” should be amusing. What it will reveal is their lack of value and fidelity if their candidate actually wins.

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