Sunday, October 19, 2008

DSK will not be “Wolfowitzed”, Only an American may be “Wolfowitzed”

IMF head Domenique Strauss-Kahn is being investigated for going out of his way to initiate a romantic affair with a married employee of the IMF. The size of the severance package offered to her to quietly disemploy herself before someone blew the cover on the story is not known.

Nonetheless, the Gallic mind turns to only one thing: self-evasion. The essence of it is in this dimwitted comment featured on the unctuous Rue89 site:

The key in all this is that this will not be in our interest, because the tradition that it is a European (mainly French) who inherit the position of Director of the IMF is being challenged.

I am afraid that they will appoint an Englishman (as a "compromise" choice) instead of DSK. I see that the residents are well informed about the extra-conjugal escapades of DSK, which was not my case until this article! The IMF is not an American but international institution, we should not overexpose this story, because sexual adventures are usually not a determining factor for non-Americans. Americans do not appoint the director of the IMF, but that of the World Bank.

In any case, someone wanted to kill Strauss-Kahn in crisis, is obvious. For what purpose? Could it be that we wanted to torpedo a re-regulation "in shock" from DSK?
To “re-“ regulate something that wasn’t regulated to begin with? To revise the French manipulated Basel II banking rules? Which is it, papito? If all that matters here is that a Frenchman will be replaced by an Englishmen, despite his sexual greed wrecking a promising subordinate’s career and possibly her marriage, then it should have just gone unreported, right? Wrong. The world is not France. Very few parts of the world contain people who would brook no objection to that kind of abuse of a position, especially with a woman in a lower position in an organization. The very idea that it’s okay otherwise betrays all of the leftist howling and screaming about sexual freedom, womens’ rights, and their freedom from abuse. THAT kind of pliability might be common to you and most of the western left, but it is far from universal. Other people actually have principals.

The commenter is naturally worried that it’s those “money people” behind the hideous enforcement of ethics guidelines, all due no doubt to the heroic Asterix-like figure in Strauss-Kahn’s desire to “regulate” them. The ill informed buffoon forgets that when the Wall Street Journal broke the story, the investigation was initiated at the request of an Egyptian delegation with the backing of the Russian representative.

The really sad thing is that DSK is the only socialist party mucky-muck with a shred of common sense.

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