Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally, A Texan Worth Mocking

In the interest of creating the most and best unhinged and unbalanced reporting, Radio-Tele-ganda France is employing serial liar Dan Rather to do their US election night coverage. I hope Dan can add: for his audience it will be the middle of the night, and they will come to hate whoever Americans elect.

Rather has been tapped by Canal Plus to cover the U.S. presidential election.
Rather will appear live from New York on Nov. 2 in the program "Dimanche Plus," dedicated to the elections. He will then host an Election Day special on Nov. 4, and will be back on the air the following morning for post-election comments on the show "La Matinale."
Fire his ass and give us Schneidermann.
The former CBS News anchor is joining the list of Yanks who get more respect from the Gauls than they do at home.
Geez, if they only knew... I can't wait for them to try to translate some of his stranger gaffes and fake folksy expressions!

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